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How healthy is your Salesforce?

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Salesforce CRM Health check

How healthy is your Salesforce instance?
How much have you been keeping pace
with how Salesforce has evolved?

Your organization has made a significant investment in Salesforce to enable your business to transform the way you work and do business. Since the time you have embraced Salesforce, it must have gone through a number of changes in line with how your processes, structure, and business have evolved. Besides, Salesforce makes 3 releases a year with a host of new features and with all that is going on in most companies, we can understand how hard it is to keep pace.

When was the last time you checked the health of your Salesforce instance? The importance of checking the health of your Salesforce to make sure you are making the best use of it and getting maximum value cannot be overstated!

So, how do you know if you need to
check the health of your Salesforce?
So, how do you know if you need to
check the health of your Salesforce?

Why and when you need to check the health of your Salesforce?

A large percentage of companies fail to gain optimal value from their Salesforce investment by not doing periodic health checks. Ideally, it should be done at least once every year.

Here are the top symptoms that tell you need to assess the current state of Salesforce for optimization.

  1. Poor user adoption despite of training and support efforts
  2. Reports are inaccurate and there are too many reports to search and find what one needs
  3. Too many redundant and unused functionality and fields created over the years making it cumbersome and hard to manage
  4. You are hitting governor limits in Salesforce
  5. Data quality is deteriorating and it is adversely impacting insights and planning
  6. It takes too long to make changes and you are finding it difficult to keep pace with the demands of business
  7. It is expensive and time-consuming to make even small changes
  8. Production releases are difficult and there are usually errors to fix post release
  9. There is a significant backlog of business requests stuck with IT teams
  10. Dev, QA and Production environments are generally out of sync

Deliverables of health check analysis

After a comprehensive health check analysis, we prepare a detailed findings report along with recommendations to ensure your Salesforce is optimized to realize its true potential for your business.

User adoption report
  • Current adoption rate for each user group by business units
  • Usage patterns and potential obstacles
  • List of most, rarely and unused functionalities
  • Recommendations for improvement

Design findings & recommendations
  • Design benchmark report against best practices
  • Concerns and areas for improvement
  • Recommendations on cleaning up redundant and unused functionality
  • Issues with object data model, roles and profiles, security, workflows, validation rules and processes, pages and integrations
  • Recommendations and best practices

Maintenance and Governance findings & recommendations
  • Data storage report and recommendations on managing storage
  • Field level usage report to help identify and remove unused fields
  • List of redundant functionality which impact maintenance or limits adversely
  • Governor limits and recommendations to avoid hitting
  • Limits Best practices for development, testing, deployment and PD releases

Detailed roadmap with best practices recommendations
  • A detailed roadmap for implementing changes
  • Prioritized list of items to be addressed based on the impact to business and effort involved
  • Effort estimates to execute the recommendations
  • Best practices tips and recommendations
Get it done with no disruption

We help clean up messy data, unused and redundant functionality, implement design best practices and fix all issues identified in your Salesforce health check without any disruption to your Salesforce users and business.

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