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Case Study

A leading cloud-based communications software company implemented partners community solution to scale and maximize business footprint into new markets and regions


A leading cloud communications software company providing enterprise cloud communications and collaboration solutions.

Challenges & Goals

The client wanted to scale and maximize existing business lines by extending the footprint of the sales teams into new markets, regions, and industries. They were looking for a robust solution to share CRM data (in a controlled manner) with partners and their resellers to drive channel sales and create a shared pool of leads and pass them to partner users in the community. They wanted to enable their partners to submit qualified deals, build product prices/quotes, and create pipeline visibility and drive revenue.

Our Solution

The client wanted to implement an efficient solution to drive partner engagement and collaboration while reducing the overhead of managing partners. We decided to implement the Salesforce partners community to manage all aspects of engagement with Partners seamlessly.

Our focus was to create a platform that allows each partner to manage end to end sales lifecycle – manage leads, opportunities, deals, create quotes and submit support requests without them accessing the actual Salesforce org. We created a UI rich portal for the partners using Salesforce lightning components that were completely independent and operated out of Salesforce.

The platform has the following components:

  • Lead Management – A CRM to add/manage contacts and their related properties and automated lead-assignment system with well-defined policies and rules to minimize channel conflicts.
  • Deals Creation – An ability to create the deals from the portal based on the engagement with the contact and product interest.
  • Quotes and Pricing – A system to create custom quotes and pricing for different products without relying on the client.
  • Pipeline Management –A dashboard to view the current sales pipeline and predict future revenues.

We took 8-12 weeks to roll out the first partner community and subsequent communities in less than four weeks.


We rolled out the partner community solution for more than 1500+ partners. Now, this portal acts as the bridge between the client and the channel partner. It has simplified the sharing of sales analytics, resource planning, pipeline management, and driven revenue in a more transparent manner. Now this no-code solution can be scaled and implemented to any new partners within a few weeks.

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