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Case Study

An online automobile resource company sees 95% reduction in time to market (from 3 months to 10 days) with reduced org complexity and Salesforce CPQ


A US-based internet company helps people research new and used cars, discover the price and buy a car through a large network of dealerships in the United States.

Applications Managed:
  1. Salesforce Sales Cloud
  2. Salesforce Service Cloud
  3. Salesforce CPQ
  4. Enterprise Edition – 375+ Salesforce users
  5. Oracle Cloud ERP for Billing and Subscriptions
  6. Integration with Invoca and DocuSign

Challenges & Goals

The company had a legacy Salesforce application that had been customized heavily over the years. They were finding it difficult to respond quickly to business needs due to the complexity of the customization and limited knowledge of customizations done over the years by different teams in the past. The core areas that needed to be addressed were:

  • Review and refactoring of Salesforce.org to remove unused and redundant objects, functions and components.
  • Analysis of their current org and code to eliminate challenges and errors caused by exceeding governor and storage limits.
  • Setup the right business logic and fulfillment process that is easy to use and scalable using out of the box features.
  • Migration from Salesforce Classic to Lightning to enable the users to leverage Lightning UI and CPQ functionality.
  • Revamp of the complex legacy process of Lead to Cash cycle by replacing legacy custom solutions with Salesforce CPQ.
  • Migrate integration of Salesforce with Aria Billing to Oracle Cloud ERP.

Our Solution

  • A complete analysis of their Salesforce org was done to understand the health of the current org and identify specific problem areas that were increasing the time to market.

    We focused on the three core areas – Usage, Design, and Governance. Since a complete refactoring at one go would be disruptive to business, we took this up in a phased manner alongside with development and support.

    • Removed unused functions and objects. Addressed code complexity to make deployment easier and faster and reduce errors.
    • Refactored customization as per the best practices to eliminate errors due to governor limits.
    • Setup the right DevOps processes to enable quicker updates, changes and deployment.
  • A comprehensive migration from Salesforce Classic to Lightning was completed in less than 12 weeks. The Lister team moved over 168 components and complex visualforce pages to Salesforce Lightning.
  • The current Lead-to-cash process for the client was overly manual. There was a misalignment between what sales staff were doing and what finance wanted. We replaced their current Lead-to-cash process with Salesforce CPQ.
  • This solution will allow users to quickly create quotes for different products with an ability to change pricing, create discounts and bundle offerings at scale through a guided flow. The implementation of Salesforce CPQ gave clear visibility into future revenue and aligned Sales and Finance processes.
  • With the implementation of Salesforce CPQ, we revamped the integration and migrated the integration from Aria to Oracle Cloud ERP.


  • 95% reduction in time to market for the new product – From 3 months to 10 days.
  • Sales contract approvals improved from 69% to 87% with the implementation of Salesforce CPQ.
  • Premier conversion guided flow reduced promotions and discounts processing time and clicks by 50% across various teams. Also, it reduced the case volume by 25%.

“Huge thanks to each one of you for your commitment and hard work. I really appreciate all your efforts in this and keeping your sane during tough times.”

Executive Director

Client Speak

Client Speak

“Hi Team, huge thanks to each one of you for your commitment and hard work. I really appreciate all your efforts in this and keeping your sane during tough times.”

Executive Director

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