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Case Study

A leading hospitality company: Transformed sales and booking processes that resulted in increased productivity, higher revenue and superior customer experience


A leading hospitality company operates close to 50 resorts across India. As the country’s leading experiential holiday provider, the company offers vacation ownership and regular resort bookings to travellers from India and around the world.

Challenges & Goals

The company had implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud and was focused next on improving sales productivity, fixing revenue leakage, and improving efficiency in the booking process as the next phase of its Salesforce evolution. There were a variety of clunky and manual processes around new sales, bookings, and rooms inventory management, resulting in lower new customer win rates, revenue loss, and less than optimal customer experience that needed to be addressed.

New customer conversion was impacted by a manual process of entering lead data from the field visits and not able to prioritize leads with intelligence. Booking teams were spending too much time in feeding and maintaining data related to bookings, and inventory (availability of resorts and rooms) manually and not able to factor season and availability into room rates, resulting in lost revenue. The manual processes were creating bottlenecks, heavily dependent on a few key individuals, and lacked transparency across the business for sales and bookings.

Our Solution

We created a solution to improve sales processes, prevent revenue leakage, automate booking and inventory management, and provide a better experience to members. The solution integrated Salesforce for bi-directional data flow and enabled field sales to easily capture leads data and identify hot leads based on a number of criteria. The solution also enabled field sales to ensure timely connections with qualified prospective customers.

  • Mobile app – To make the process of lead capture simpler and accurate, we created a mobile app on the Salesforce platform that enabled the sales team to easily capture and update lead data after meeting a prospective customer in the field. The mobile app allows field sales to manage the entire process from lead follow-up to opportunities management and ultimately closing deals. – all on the go.
  • Customer Self-Service through APIs – Our team created an API for the customer portal that enabled the seamless flow of customer data to and from Salesforce. The company’s customers can now see all details of their subscription, utilized points, booking history, available offers, and make payments from their website directly. Their customers to gain access to relevant data in real-time. In addition, we also created a rules engine that allows the client team to provide the best offers to customers.
  • Automation – Through Salesforce optimization, we automated several manual and error-prone processes to bring efficiency, accuracy and transparency in vacation ownership business operations.
  • Lead prioritization – Earlier, the company was facing an issue of incorrect data and dependencies on key individuals, which resulted in lead leakages. The team of experienced Salesforce experts at Lister worked with the client to create a lead prioritization system with intelligence to identify leads for timely follow-up and nurturing. Individual profiles, demographics, psychographics, historical touchpoints, and several other criteria are built into the system for qualification, prioritization, and assignment of leads.
  • Streamlined booking and inventory management – Earlier, bookings were managed using manual processes. This not only prevented the client from having real-time visibility into the inventory to avoid double bookings but resulted in revenue loss due to the inability to vary prices based on booking trends. We created a system to automate inventory management and bookings. We gave the booking team the ability to define rules for bookings and connected the inventory management for real-time tracking of availability. Our team created an automated price engine that allows the client’s team to configure rules for price variations based on changes in demands and seasonality factors.


  • The ability to feed data into the system on the go for sales personnel, coupled with real-time visibility of data across systems resulted in timely actions towards hot leads which improved conversions and enhanced the productivity of sales personnel, inventory managers, branch managers, and other employees.
  • Automated booking and inventory management provided greater control over pricing and prevented revenue leakage.
  • System-wide integration of Salesforce and data transfer through APIs gave customers greater visibility into their relationship and engagement with the client, resulting in better customer experiences. This helped the client in improving retention rate.
  • Real-time flow of data and greater insight into inventory facilitated better pricing decisions translating into higher profit margins.

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