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Case Study

A global cement manufacturer accelerates revenue through higher productivity and improved effectiveness of field
sales teams


A global leader for building materials and solutions with over 70,000 employees in around 70 countries, and active in four business segments: Cement, Aggregates, Ready-Mix Concrete and Solutions & Products.

Challenges & Goals

The company sales team was facing the following challenges:

  • Delay in information flow from field sales to head office and vice versa. In a dynamic market like cement, delayed responses led to lost opportunities and revenue.
  • Time spent by sales teams and managers in collating data and reporting was taking away a significant proportion of time from sales activities.
  • Lack of real-time information related to dealer visits impacted the effectiveness of field sales teams.
  • Monitoring field visits and coverage of the market by the sales team was not easy.

The client wanted to implement Salesforce CRM to transform the current sales process, enhance field visit management, get real-time reports into market visibility and provide sales teams access to customer information through direct integration with SAP.

Our Solution

Listers’ team of subject matter experts worked from the client’s office to understand the current sales process, team management, reporting structure and customer information management. After a thorough analysis of the existing processes, a detailed solution implementation roadmap was created.

Salesforce Sales cloud was customized and configured to provide the sales team to manage both trade and non-trade business from one central system. The key components of the application included:

  • Field visit management – The core of the application was to enable the field sales team to plan, log and monitor visits to dealers and distributors efficiently and effectively through optimal market coverage.
  • Visit Reporting and Market Information – Information capture from field to enable flow of market and competitor information in real-time to head office.
  • Field Sales Enablement by providing a comprehensive 360-degree view of dealer and distributor information that included Sales, Credit and Outstanding, Orders and dispatch status, Promotions and Schemes, etc.
  • Created a rich set of reports and dashboards for a real-time picture at a glance to provide the management as well as Sales managers with insights to facilitate better decision making.

Implemented Field Service to create and manage field service operations and track SLA compliance with milestones. Set up a system to allow sales representatives to plan monthly meetings based on the routes, customer segment and category. This also allowed the sales heads to view the
productivity of each representative in terms of target provided and results achieved.

Customized Field Service Analytics helped sales leaders gain visibility into customer complaints and resolutions provided to ensure positive dealership experience.

Implemented medium term planning tools to plan and manage strategic and tactical approaches for each territory.

Built mobile app tightly coupled with CRM to get a complete view of customers, deals, products, competition, quotes, schemes and discounts from one place.


  • 30% improvement in market coverage and sales team productivity due to the transformation of the sales process on Salesforce Sales Cloud.
  • Due to a well coordinated approach to implementation and good governance at every step, the company achieved 95% rate of user adoption in 3 months.
  • With the integration of SAP with Salesforce, Sales teams had all relevant data at their fingertips, which improved the quality of engagement with dealers and distributors during their visits.
  • Improvement in decision-making and marketing planning with real-time visibility of wallet share at account, route, market and price level data.

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