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21 Most Useful Salesforce AppExchange Apps for Salespeople in 2020

Vasan Sampath | June 3, 2020 | 7 min read

If you want your sales team to come out like a winner every time they meet a prospective client, they need to be equipped with more than just a company deck and a sales script. Your sales team needs access to the right tools and applications, to sell smarter and close deals.

Salesforce AppExchange offers access to thousands of both free and paid apps within the marketplace. That’s why businesses turn to the Salesforce AppExchange when they need tools to help their sales teams increase their productivity and performance. However, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available.

In this article, we have evaluated some of the most useful and highly rated Salesforce apps for salespeople and categorized them based on our analysis of the app and the ratings.. This is by no means a comprehensive list and please do let us know if you think there are other useful Sales related apps we could include


1. Time Trade Scheduler

Time Trade scheduler helps salespeople to schedule meetings with prospects and customers. It’s a one-click online meeting and appointments scheduler that automatically shows the availability of your Sales team. This tool further allows you to automate the scheduling process with web conferencing (Cisco Webex Meetings, Zoom, GoToMeeting by LogMeIn, join.me), booking conference rooms, and synchronizing with calendar systems as well as easily rescheduling, adding invitees, and managing changes

Price:$10,000 per company/year

2. Groove

Groove is a sales engagement platform that integrates with Gmail or Microsoft 365. The Sales team can now automatically log email & calendar activities without logging into the Salesforce instance. They can view and update opportunities, create new leads, contacts, and accounts right from the Groove application. This reduces manual data entry in Salesforce by 90%.

Price: $30 per user/month

3. Match My Email

Match My Email automatically imports emails into Salesforce from 60+ different email systems and email service providers. Now emails captured from every source get automatically synched to the custom records and fields. This promotes collaboration and information sharing between your sales team. Also, it increases Salesforce productivity by 15% by saving up to 5 hours of data entry per month.

Price: $22.95 per user/month

4. Email to anything by Ortoo

The Email to anything tool adds intelligent email automation to Salesforce. The tool allows salespeople to create leads, opportunities and cases from the email client itself. This intelligent email integration tool creates and updates Salesforce records from inbound & outbound emails. Using dynamic assignment rules, it even automatically assigns leads and cases to the relevant record in Salesforce.

Price: $17 USD per user (a minimum of 20 users)/month

5. SMS Magic

It is a complete business messaging solution that helps in sending automated messages and enables interactive conversations through SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger from a single inbox. Complete business messaging solution supports multi channel messaging and works with Sales & Service Cloud, Console, Lightning, and Salesforce mobile App. Now your sales team can handle large volumes of conversations with prospects. The sales team gets to respond to questions faster and increase the chances of setting up a meeting with the prospect.

Price: $9 per user/month

6. Conga Grid

Conga Grid is an excel-like grid solution that allows salespeople to manage and update data easily in the Salesforce. With this solution, you don’t have to go through the various clicks of individual records to edit, perform batch actions & complete mass updates. Now your sales team can save time and improve efficiency and focus on selling more.

Price: $18 per user/month

7. Gridbuddy

GridBuddy helps salespeople update the data in Salesforce with a spreadsheet-like workspace. Now Sales team can save time & increase adoption by managing all of their data from one single workspace. It supports Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Lightning, Salesforce1, Salesforce Connect, Salesforce Communities and integrates with Nintex Drawloop, TaskRay, FinancialForce, Accounting Seed, CPQ solutions like Apttus and Salesforce CPQ (Steelbrick), and many more. Your sales team can easily manage data, increase productivity & adoption and improve data accuracy through the most powerful spreadsheet-like solution.

Price: $24 per user/month

8. Scan to Salesforce- Sansan

Scan to Salesforce by Sansan is a free app that allows salespeople to scan business cards and upload contact details directly to Salesforce and Pardot. This scanning app digitizes up to 4 business cards at a time with unmatched accuracy. This is a lifesaver for salespeople who are constantly on the go and don’t have to worry about manually updating data to Salesforce.

Price: Free

Document Generation

1. Nintex Drawloop DocGen

Nintex creates compliant documents such as proposals, order forms, contracts, quotes and more automatically with just a few clicks. It reduces the overall turn around time by eliminating manual work and automating signature-based reviews and approvals. It keeps a trail of any revisions in the document and expedites reviews and approvals. By getting you the right data every time in the documents that it creates (pdf, word, excel, powerpoint), now salespeople don’t have to waste time manually creating documents and maintaining the different versions based on the changes suggested.

Price: $20 per user/month

2. S-Docs

S-docs is a robust document generation application that allows the Sales team to automate document creation quotes, contracts, proposals, statements, invoices, etc. via click, workflow or batch methods. This is a 100% native solution that doesn’t require any external/third party services. Since it’s a simple template editor that is designed for non-programmers, Salespeople can create and deliver documents in minutes. In addition to this, you cam auto create activities and follow-up tasks to make sure documents are reviewed and approved on time.

Price: Free

Dashboard & Reports

1. GSP Sales Dashboard

GSP Sales Dashboard is a sales performance and pipeline visibility dashboard that allows the sales team to visualise and assess the size, trend and quality of the sales pipeline and sales performance. This application is fully customizable to the specific sales process, financial year and sales team structure. This eliminates the need for creating excel reports and powerpoint presentations and helps the sales team free their time and focus their efforts on high impact activities.

Price: Free

2. Pipeline Analytics

Pipeline Analytics helps salespeople work efficiently by giving them a visual display of pipeline growth using Salesforce data. This allows Salesteam to compare past revenue to past pipeline volume and view pipeline value by sales stage so they can forecast accurately and drive more business.

Price: Free

3. Yesware

Yesware allows salespeople to visualise email, call and calendar activity. This application creates dashboards immediately after the installation without any additional configuration/support. Salespeople will get access to 4 dashboards with a total of different 40 reports. With this data, the Sales team can find out how their activity leads to outcomes like meetings booked, deals closed-won, revenue generated etc.

Price: Free

Contract Management

1. DocuSign

DocuSign helps Salesteam create, send, sign and save agreements in Salesforce. It has a variety of templates that automatically pull in documents and customer contacts from Salesforce and creates beautiful agreements in a matter of clicks. This is one of the most downloaded electronic signature apps on AppExchange that will allow your sales team to close deals faster with more accurate proposals and contract agreements.

Price: $30 USD/month

2. Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign allows the sales team to create, send, sign, track and file agreements quickly and securely right in the Salesforce. This application allows them to generate accurate agreements thus reducing the chances of errors and improving the ability to audit contracts and agreements. Automation of the contract process improves compliance and reduces risky manual processes.

Price: Free

3. Conga Sign

Cogna sign is a modern eSignature solution provider that allows Salesteam to create, deliver, automate and track documents eSignature activity. This application integrates with any other document generation tool like Salesforce CPQ to automatically add signature tags. It’s structured and templatized communication helps automate the entire contract experience inside or outside of Salesforce. With an ability to track the status of eSignature activity, sales team can highlight the contract roadblocks and take appropriate actions required to complete contract signing and closing the deals.

Price: $20 USD/month

Product Configuration, Quotes & Orders

1. Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ provides accurate pricing for any product/service configuration scenario which is extremely helpful for salespeople as they shouldn’t be confused when a customer asks the pricing for a particular configuration. It increases sales by providing accurate quotes, speeds up the process and increases profitability. If implemented correctly, it can also be used to up-sell, cross-sell products/services and increase the size of the deal.

Price: $75 per user/month

2. GoCloudz CPQ

GoCloudz CPQ creates professional & multilingual quotes, contracts, e-signatures and proposals in seconds. Generate customized and personalized PDFs using different objects from Salesforce. It has built-in integration with DocuSign for e-signature that allows the Salesteam to track status right within Salesforce. Also, built-in integration with the “Product Bundle” app shows bundle/package pricing to your customers.

Price: $8 per user/month

3. Easy Pricing for Opportunity

This application allows salespeople to configure complex products, deliver accurate quotes and create larger deals. The Salesforce admin gets robust options to add components, create validation rules, workflows, processes and define custom pricing formula and rules. With that configuration in place, the sales team can create attractive pricing bundles based on their customer needs and requirements

Price: Free

Sales Intelligence and Data Enrichment

1. ZoomInfo for Salesforce

With ZoomInfo, the sales team can prospect and enrich new leads, contacts and accounts with ZoomInfo data. It reduces the length of the sales cycle for salespeople as they need to spend less time on researching the prospects and can reach decision-makers faster using the demographics and behavior intelligence available. ZoomInfo has over 88 million professional email addresses, 47 million direct-dial phone numbers and almost 13 million company profiles.

Price: Free (You need to have ZoomInfo subscription to use this app)

2. DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg is a leading sales and marketing intelligence platform. It offers a most accurate source of contact data, intelligence, organization structure, latest insights (funding, project initiatives, key personnel change, etc) to help sales and marketing teams find, connect and sell to the right buyers at the right time with the right message.

Price: Free (You need to have DiscoverOrg subscription to use this app)

3. Easy Pricing for Opportunity

This application allows salespeople to configure complex products, deliver accurate quotes and create larger deals. The Salesforce admin gets robust options to add components, create validation rules, workflows, processes and define custom pricing formula and rules. With that configuration in place, the sales team can create attractive pricing bundles based on their customer needs and requirements

Price: Free

Happy selling.
Are there other apps that you think should be in the list? Share in the comment below.